October 13 2012 Meeting

Vice President Quebec – CFUW Board of Directors
President of the Québec Provincial Council of CFUW Clubs
Educational Affairs Committee Chair – CFUW

Liette Michaud

There are presently five CFUW clubs in Québec: Montreal Lakeshore University Women’s Club, University Women’s Club of Montreal Inc., South Shore University Women’s Club, Sherbrooke and District University Women’s Club and Association des femmes diplômées des universités – Québec.

As VP-Québec, I also served as President of the Québec Provincial Council of CFUW Clubs (founded in 1965) and wish to thank Edna Ouellette, Regional Director – English, Judith Sanschagrin, Regional Director – French and Treasurer, Brenda Shanahan, for their invaluable contribution as members of the Provincial Council Executive.

My responsibilities as a member of the CFUW Board were to participate in the monthly teleconferences and to contribute as a Board member to projects such as the Risk Management Report, the Constitution and By-Laws consultation, CFUW financial decisions, Translation Priorities and Workplan, Nominations Committee and Advocacy. In addition to the general Advocacy mandate, I served as Chair of the Education committee and contributed to the work of the Library and Fine Arts Committee.

As President of the Québec Provincial Council of CFUW clubs, my primary role was to collaborate with club presidents for the organization of the October 2011 provincial meeting and the April 2012 AGM. The logistical responsibility for both meetings fell to SSUWC President, Jennifer Fallon and Vice-President, Patricia Couture, and very successful meetings ensued, both held at the St. Lambert United Church. I am very grateful for their generosity, expertise and warm welcome.


  • Served as CFUW liaison with the Canadian Global Campaign for Education (CGCE). Participated in a teleconference with other members and a Ugandan MP. Contributed to writing a letter on Canada’s commitment to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), formerly the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (EFA-FTI) to the federal government.
  • Attended the AGM of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCU) as the CFUW representative in Ottawa in June, 2011 and wrote a report.
  • Attended the Canadian Teachers’ Federation President’s Forum in Ottawa in July 2011 as the CFUW representative and produced a report.
  • Participated in the 2011 CFUW AGM held in August in St. John’s, Newfoundland with pre- and post- Board meetings and co-chaired the Resolutions part of the business meeting.
  • Provided information on the present state of Aboriginal Education to the Aboriginal Focus Group, (ably headed by Valerie Hume) which met at the AGM.
  • Participated in the CFUW Advocacy Committee Meetings.
  • Contributed to a letter re the Jeffery Mine in Quebec and the export of Chrysotile Asbestos.
  • Wrote and sent a letter to Premier Jean Charest expressing concern for the costs of C-10 (the federal law increasing the number of prisons, etc.) cc’ing the leader of the official opposition and relevant ministers.
  • Wrote a Fact Sheet on Aboriginal Peoples in Canada (November 2011)
  • Wrote a report on CFUW and IFUW initiatives with respect to keeping girls in secondary school for use by Leila Metcalf of the Ottawa club who graciously accepted to attend the December meeting of the CCU in my stead.
  • Acted as the Québec representative on the Early Learning and Child Care Committee and provided information to its Chair, Margaret McGovern
  • Wrote letters in English and in French for the CFUW President in relation to the Wapikoni Mobile (Québec) subsidy cut by the federal government.
  • Posted various comments to the CFUW Facebook site.
  • Wrote articles for the CFUW Communicator.
  • Phoned the offices of the Prime Minister and relevant federal Ministers urging them to vote against the elimination of the Long Gun Registry.
  • Attended the May 2012 CCU AGM in Ottawa and co-chaired the special Education sectoral meeting on Adult Education and Technical and Vocational Education.

HIGHLIGHTS – President of the Québec Provincial Council of CFUW Clubs

  • Pursued the work identified as the Council’s priorities for 2010-2012: writing the history of the provincial council, updating its by-laws, improving communication particularly through website renewal, advocacy and creating and updating our budget. Thanks to Patricia DuVal and Jennifer Fallon for providing documents related to the Council’s history, to Edna Ouellette and Chitra Chopra for their work on updating the by-laws, to Brenda Shanahan for handling our finances.
  • The Council’s new website is a work-in-progress: http://www.cfuw-fcfdu-qc.ca/
  • Wrote and sent a letter congratulating Québec MP Djaouida Sellah following her nomination as Chair of the NDP Women’s Caucus.
  • Wrote and sent a letter congratulating Quebec MLA Fatima Houda-Pépin on her role in getting statues of Marie Gérin-Lajoie, Therese Casgrain, Idola Saint-Jean and Marie-Claire Kirkland erected on the site of the National Assembly in Quebec City.
  • Presented a Power Point presentation at the Québec Provincial Council AGM in April 2012 on the Role of Women in Curriculum Reform and Lifelong Learning in Québec.
  • Attended four club AGM meetings.


9:30 1. Introduction
1.1 Welcome (Gilda Martinello / Liette Michaud)
1.2 Call to Order
1.3 Nomination of Secretary – TBD
1.4 Roll Call
1.5 Adoption of the Agenda
2. Adoption of October 2011 minutes
3. Business arising from the minutes
3.1 CFUW AGM in Victoria B.C. – highlights
3.2 Quebec Council Constitution and ByLaws
3.3 Club Histories / WEBsite
3.4 Membership – Femmes autochtones du Québec
3.5 Possible membership – Fédération des femmes du Québec
4. New Business
4.1 Reports
4.1.1 – President of Provincial Council
4.1.2 – Regional Directors
10:45 Break
11:00 4. (Cont.)
4.1.3 – Treasurer
4.1.4 – Club Presidents4.2 – Other
12:30 Lunch
1:30 5. Membership Campaign (s)/ Advocacy
Provincial Council
Local clubs
3:00 6. Council Meetings
Date and venue for provincial AGM – April 20 2013
Date and venue for Fall 2013
3:15 7. Adjournment


Present: Liz Annesley, Heather Bowman, Chitra Chopra, Pat Couture, Godelieve de Koninck, Joan Drinkwater, Jennifer Fallon, Lorna Main, Gilda Martinelli, Liette Michaud, Carol Mooney, Edna Ouellette, Carley Peppler, Judith Sanschagrin

1) Introduction and Welcome
The Chair, Liette Michaud (VP Quebec), called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone at 9:30 a.m..

2) Adoption of the Agenda
It was suggested that the title Business Arising from Previous Minutes be amended to include New Business.
Motion: Proposed by C. Mooney and seconded by L. Annesley that the Agenda, as modified, be adopted. Carried unanimously.

3) Business arising from the minutes/New Business
The next CFUW AGM will be held in Victoria, June 21-24, 2012.
L. Michaud advised of personnel changes at the National Office.
Motion: Moved by C. Chopra and seconded by E. Ouellette that L. Michaud commend the National Office and Tara Fischer on the new format of the Week in Review that is more relevant. Carried unanimously.

Concerning the CFUW Constitution and Bylaws, L. Michaud confirmed that Clubs would receive a copy for comment.

It was agreed that the history of each Club be sent to L. Michaud.

It was agreed that a copy of any book on the history of a Club be given to L. Michaud for the Archives.

Motion: it was moved by C. Chopra and seconded by C. Mooney, that the Chair pursue membership for the Quebec Provincial Council (QPC) within the Fédération des Femmes Autochtones du Québec. Carried unanimously.

It was agreed that the Chair will study possible membership within the Fédération des femmes du Québec.

The treasurer being absent, the Chair confirmed that there was an account balance of approximately $2800 in the bank.

The council requested that the secretary include in the minutes that the UWC – Montreal repaid the $325 received from the QPC last spring.

4) Review of revised Quebec Provincial Council Constitution and By-Laws

Motion: it was moved by C. Chopra and seconded by E. Ouellette that the Quebec Provincial Council Constitution and Bylaws be accepted as proposed and corrected. Carried unanimously.

Motion: it was moved by C. Chopra and seconded by L. Annesley that articles to be developed regarding the creation of a process to select the Vice President – Québec and Regional Directors be included in the Quebec Provincial Council Constitution and Bylaws. Carried unanimously.

A bilingual draft of the proposed update will be sent to the Clubs.

5) Membership Campaign Action Plan
A discussion of ideas to increase membership followed the distribution of a membership action plan template.

The council requested that articles pertaining to membership of students, and to members from across the border, be clarified and consistent.

Motion: Moved by C. Chopra and seconded by G. de Koninck that Clubs circulate their newsletters regularly to the other clubs, to the RDs and to the President of the Quebec Provincial Council. Carried unanimously.

6) Council Meetings
The QPC AGM is to be held Saturday, April 21, 2012.

The date of the Autumn Mini-Council is to be determined, but will tentatively be held on October 13, 2012.

Club Reports will be circulated, by E-mail, to other QPC Clubs on or before April 14, 2012.

7) Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Patricia Couture
November 14, 2011