AGM 2019:

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of CFUW, the 2019 Annual General Meeting was held August 15-17, 2019 at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, home of the first CFUW AGM in 1919.

Information about the AGM and the 100th Anniversary can be found on the CFUW website

The meeting and site events are summarized in the CFUW AGM 2019 newsletter



One hundred Notable Women from across the country were recognized at a private reception on Thursday August 15 as well as at the 100th Anniversary banquet on Friday, August 16th where they received awards.

Nine Notable Women from the Québec Council were honoured:

Janet Angrave, CFUW Sherbrooke and District

Godelieve DeKoninck, AFDU Québec

Liette Michaud, South Shore UWC

Carol Mooney, CFUW Sherbrooke and District

Françoise Perrault, Montréal Lakshore UWC

Saôde Savary, UWC Montréal

Elizabeth Semmelhaack, Montréal Lakeshore UWC

Renate Sutherland, Montréal Lakeshore UWC

Anne-Marie Trahan, UWC Montréal (deceased)


The complete list of the 100 honorees