NOUS PRESENTONS…Cinq nouvelles présidentes d’associations au Québec

Mary Jane Amey – CFUW Sherbrooke and District

I have a BA (Major in Psychology and English) from McGill University, a BSW (Social Work) and a MSW ( Management, Policy and Community Development) both from the University of Calgary.

Every professional role I’ve ever assumed required me to be an agent of change. Some of those roles were: “turn around” executive director for a multi-service centre that was foundering when I was hired; City of Calgary social planner and funder of non-profit organizations in the human service sector (7 million dollars portfolio to distribute annually); multiple research initiatives tied to child abuse; domestic violence, seniors, aging, youth issues; published Master’s thesis in an American Family Journal; Senior Staff researcher and policy developer for the Mayor’s Task Force on Community and Family Violence, Calgary; certified trainer in Non-Profit Board Development etc., front line counseling in a crisis setting in my earliest Social Work years.

I hope that my greatest reward as a CFUW club president will be to leave the organization no worse off than when I assumed office.

Patricia Couture – South Shore University Women’s Club

I’ve completed an Honours B.Sc in Biochemisty from the University of Western Ontario. This was supplemented several years later with a Diploma in Business from Laurentian University in Sudbury.

My last paid employment was as an Official Receiver with the Montreal Office of the Superintendant of Bankruptcy. My life’s « work”, in a philosophical sense, has been trying to perform each job and each life role to the best of my ability.

I expect that my greatest reward as a CFUW club president will be working with, and learning from, interesting, dedicated women.

Godelieve De Koninck – Association des femmes diplômées des universités-Québec

Je suis orthopédagogue de formation. Ensuite, j’ai fait une maitrise en psychopédagogie, suivie d’un doctorat en didactique du français. Tout cela à l’Université Laval à Québec.

Ma vie a été consacrée à l’éducation des jeunes, plus particulièrement ceux ou celles qui éprouvent des difficultés scolaires, familiales ou sociales. Depuis ma retraite, je continue en faisant de la consultation et en restant très engagée dans l’univers de l’enseignement.

Ma plus grande récompense à titre de présidente d’une association de la FCFDU serait de faire avancer de façon significative le dossier des femmes des Premières Nations, ce qui leur permettrait de poursuivre des études secondaires, collégiales ou universitaires et ainsi leur ouvrir la porte de la liberté. Cela demande beaucoup de persévérance, de patience et de respect pour ces femmes, leurs traditions et leur motivation personnelle.

Gilda Martinello – Montreal Lakeshore University Women’s Club

I have an undergraduate degree in History (Concordia), a Masters in Library Science (McGill), an MBA and a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Certificate both from Concordia.

My life’s work has always been in the service of others. In the library field, I worked to help colleagues find the information needed in order to meet their work demands to help clients and ultimately, my company, succeed. After, I worked in Public Affairs with speech writers so that they would be able to convey the messages that our executives wanted to disseminate. In Human Resources, I worked with groups of new MBA graduates to help them adapt to the workforce and contribute their best to their respective departments. My last job in the corporate world was in Supply Management (Purchasing) working with various suppliers to ensure that my company got the most value for its money for the services provided.

I am currently working part-time as an instructor teaching English as a second language to adults in a continuing education program to enable them to better communicate with others in general and more specifically, in the workplace.

My greatest reward as President of the MLUWC would be to ensure that the Club continues to be a viable and successful association of women, by increasing our membership and encouraging young women to join. This will be done with the assistance and hard work of women on different committees.

Dominique Rocanelli – University Women’s Club of Montreal Inc.

I have a Bachelor in Business Administration from Concordia University, Montreal.

My paid career has been as Director of Sales, CP Ships. My true calling has been to work as a fundraiser for worthy causes.

My greatest reward as president of the UWCM, with the support of my board members, would be to persuade the National Archives of Quebec to accept UWCM records and Minutes as part of their collection. This would ensure that UWCM has a place in Quebec History as well as a permanent safe house.