Protest to the Harper government

Montreal, July 28, 2014
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Dear Prime Minister Harper,
On behalf of the Conseil provincial du Québec des femmes diplômées des universities/Quebec Provincial Council of University Women’s Clubs affiliated with the Canadian Federation of University Women, I wish to express our shock and dismay upon hearing of the removal of the name of Thérèse Casgrain, a feminist icon and Quebec heroine, from a national honour to be replaced by a volunteer award bearing the prime minister’s banner as well as other evidence of Mme. Casgrain’s image and accomplishments being erased from the public sphere.

The Thérèse Casgrain Volunteer Award was and should be a fitting tribute to the woman who fought successfully for the right of Quebec women to vote, who became the first female leader of a political party in Canada, heading the CCF in Quebec, served as an independent Senator, was named Companion of the Order of Canada and who all her life served Canada with distinction.

We call upon the Prime Minister to reverse this decision and return the name and image of Mme Casgrain to the national volunteer award and other areas of the public sphere so that she can continue to serve as an inspiration to all Canadians, women and men alike.

Brenda Shanahan, President,
Conseil provincial du Québec des femmes diplômées des universities/Quebec Provincial Council of University Women’s Clubs

Introducing the incoming Quebec Council Executive and Club Presidents for 2014-16

Council President and VP Quebec for CFUW/FCFDU: Brenda Shanahan (UWCM)
Council Treasurer: Dominique Racanelli (UWCM)
Directrice Régionale (français): Debra Christiansen-Stowe(AFDU)
Regional Director (English): Patricial DuVal (Lakeshore)

MULWC Club President: Constance Ellis
SSUWC Club President: Gretchen Cheug
AFDU Club President: Godelieve De Koninck and Judith Sanschagrin
CFUW Sherbrooke Club President Liason: Judy Hopps
UWCM Club President: Dominque Racanelli

October 13 2012 Meeting

Vice President Quebec – CFUW Board of Directors
President of the Québec Provincial Council of CFUW Clubs
Educational Affairs Committee Chair – CFUW

Liette Michaud

There are presently five CFUW clubs in Québec: Montreal Lakeshore University Women’s Club, University Women’s Club of Montreal Inc., South Shore University Women’s Club, Sherbrooke and District University Women’s Club and Association des femmes diplômées des universités – Québec.
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Quebec Provincial Council of CFUW Clubs Creating Links

Last autumn, the five Quebec clubs within the Quebec Provincial Council decided to mandate the Council to seek group memberships with the Femmes autochtones du Québec/Quebec Native Women (FAQ/QNW) and Fédération des femmes du Québec (FFQ) as a way of creating links with other women’s groups in the province. Several of the Quebec clubs already had associative memberships in the Montreal Council of Women. Founded in 1893, the Montreal Council of Women / Le Conseil des femmes de Montréal (MCW/CFM) is a non-partisan coalition of sixty-eight organizations and approximately seventy individuals in and around Montreal working to improve conditions and quality of life for women, their families and society. The MCW conducts its business in English.
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The AFDU Québec Foundation presents $30 200 in bursaries to 18 female students at Laval University and 2 at the Wendake CDFM

On Friday evening, Feb. 22, at Laval University’s Faculty Lounge, in the presence of honourary chair, Anne Guérette, architect and Québec City councillor, the AFDU Québec Foundation held its annual bursary presentation. This charitable trust is an offshoot of the Association des femmes diplômées des universités de Québec (AFDU Québec) which, among other guiding principles, promotes post-secondary studies for women. During the banquet, $30 200 in bursaries were presented to 18 female students studying at Laval University and 2 students enrolled at the Centre de développement de la formation et de la main d’œuvre (CDFM) in Wendake. There were several invited guests of note and among them, François Pothier, representing Laval University’s rector, Liette Michaud, provincial president of the Canadian Federation of University Women’s Clubs, several deans and vice-deans, members of the university’s faculty, private donors, parents and friends of the bursary recipients as well as several members of AFDU Québec. It was a real pleasure to hear the young bursary recipients speak of their career plans and realize that a new generation is getting ready to ensure a dynamic and promising future for our society.

Suzanne Lemire

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Provincial Council AGM

PROVINCIAL COUNCIL AGM HELD AT ST. LAMBERT UNITED CHURCH ON APRIL 21 2012. Brenda Wallace, CFUW National President, attended the meeting.

These reports were were tabled at the April 21 2012 AGM of the organisation. They are here in Word (doc) format.